Our web services are...


A website represents your business or work on the internet. An informative website is not sufficient, a good website is one that is informative as well as also interacts with the visitors. RASM provides the product lifecycle of a web application. We deliver a dynamic, fully responsive web application.


Graphic design is a creative process, using graphic design, we can advertise more effectively. Nowadays it is a smart choice. We can design brochures, catalogs, business cards, corporate identities and also logo designs.


Nowadays, e-commerce is one platform, which is used broadly for business. We also deliver e-commerce platform, on which you can sell, manage and bill for your customer.

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As a marketing expert, we also support your business through our SEO expertise. Our expertise provides an effective way for the more traffic on your website. Expertise focus on the ranking of website on top search engine.


A good web hosting provider is one of the most important decision. Web app performance also depends on the good hosting provider, So RASM also supports hosting of your websites in a secure manner.


RASM also provide ‘payment gateway integration’ service for your business to anyone, anywhere and anytime. We integrate the payment gateway with Indian merchants global platform to enter the digital economy.


Nowadays digital marketing is the most used platform for the advertising of your business. We can deliver your ideas and information about your business through social media branding. We deliver the clients ideas with value proposition


RASM also deliver a web app in which a normal person can interact with you through your web app. So you can deal with your client online.


We create a unique and professional e-mail address based on your domain name.


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